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Our dominant style of karate is called Wado-Ryu. This is an open hand, self defence style of karate, teaching discipline and effective self defence.

We believe that discipline is one of the most important parts of our karate classes. Children learn this from the beginning as they are taught to line up, act on orders, take instruction and to control their anger as well as their techniques. They also learn during our classes that karate is not to be used to hurt people either at school or outside. Building a child's character is foremost in our training schedules within our karate classes.

From the start our young students learn to respect each other within and outside the classes. We feel this is important as without respect in the class a karate student would become a danger to themselves and to others. The respect they learn should be carried with them outside the karate class into their everyday lives.

Our karate students are taught that karate is only to be used as a means of self protection. The philosophy of karate is that the first move starts with a defensive one and not an attack. Our self-defence teaches awareness of surroundings and evasion of possible violent situations as well as learning to deal with confrontation should it occur.


Although discipline is a big part of karate, kickboxing also teaches discipline and respect. We teach how to control yourself and use the techniques you are taught in the right way.

Respect is another large thing considered when we teach kickboxing. From the beginning fighters and students are taught to respect not only themselves but the people around them and their opponents.

Our Students are shown how to both protect themselves and fight in a controlled fighting environment.

While our dominant style is American Kickboxing we also offer Keep Fit Kickboxing. This is very similar to the traditional style but focuses more on stamina and fitness side of the sport rather than the technical art of combat.

Chuan Kung Fu

Chuan kung fu is based on an ancient art of Kung Fu designed to develop both physical and mental fitness. Kung Fu is great for students with physical disabilities due to its slower and more controlled pace. The proven self defence section in Chaun Kung Fu are based on using the strength of an attack against itself, improving not only self control but confidence and self awareness. With only one form to learn, chaun kung fu is easier to master than karate.

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