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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to book a place?
A: No booking is not necessary (some afterschool classes do require the school to be informed).

Q: Do I need a uniform?
A: You do not need a uniform straight away. Come along to a class in loose comfortable clothing i.e.         joggers and t-shirt. All classes are done in bare feet. After four weeks a uniform can then
       be purchased from us via your class instructor.

Q: How much does a class cost?
A: All classes are £5 per session on a pay as you go basis.

Q: Do I need a membership?
A: Yes a membership will be required after your first four weeks this costs £35 per annum.

Q: Do I need insurance/licence?
A: No this is all covered under your membership fee.

Q: Do I have to spar/fight?
A: No, sparring is completely optional and not part of our syllabus.

Q: How do I become a black belt?
A: To become a black belt you must progress through the colour belts, to gain the next colour
       belt you must of sat a grading, these exams are held every three months.

Q: Do I have to grade?
A: No you do not need to grade in kickboxing but Yes you do have to grade in karate.
       If you're goal is purely for fitness then kickboxing is best for you.
       Membership would still be required.

Q: What do I need for a grading?
A: All students must wear a JCK martial arts uniform with the club logo on the left chest.
      An up to date membership book, memberships can be renewed on the day.
      Long hair must be tied back.
      Girls/Ladies to wear a white t-shirt under their karate Gi.
      No jewellery except for medical bracelets/necklaces to be worn.

Q: How much do gradings cost and what is involved?
A: Gradings start at £30, you would be expected to show that you are competent in performing the         syllabus set for that belt. Upon passing you would receive your new belt and certificate.
       For black belt gradings they will be registered with the governing body and a separate
       certificate issued by them. 

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